Part #2: What I did to become UI | UX Designer

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  1. Read about design in General.
  2. Start with observing things around you, why it is good to use, and if not how it could have been better. It can be anything your deodorant, gas stoves, water tab, clothes, types of bottles, Gates, table or chair, guys it can be anything you…

Part #1: How did I choose Design as my career

Hi! I am Shivani Gupta. UI | UX Designer | Engineer

“You don’t always get what you wish for. But you always get what you work for”

Starting a career in design being an engineer was totally unplanned. That too on my own without any educational background in Design was a tough decision to make. You persistently need inspiration in your…

Shivani Gupta

Product Designer @ SproutClass

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